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Submit scientific paper, scientific publications, International Research Journal | Meždunarodnyj naučno-issledovatel’skij žurnal

ISSN 2227-6017 (ONLINE), ISSN 2303-9868 (PRINT), DOI: 10.18454/IRJ.2227-6017
ПИ № ФС 77 - 51217, 16+


All the submitted articles must meet the following requirements:

1. Template (updated 15.01.2019)

2. Requirements (content, style and length of submitted manuscript)

Submitted materials should

  • not be previously published
  • possess scientific novelty
  • be written in scientific style
  • not be less then 7000 characters, but no more than 40000 characters (including spaces). If the article exceeds the given amount of characters, we recommend to divide it into several articles.

3. Formatting

  • Edited in Microsoft Office Word
  • Font “Times New Roman”
  • Main text – size 14
  • Interval 1.5
  • Top and bottom margins -2.5 cm -3 cm in the left margin, right margin -1.5 cm
  • Indent (indent) -1.25 cm
  • Full justification

For more details see the template

4. Text structure and elements order

– Last name and name  (in bold, centered). Example: Zimovets I.A.1Filatov D.O.2;

– Information about the author (ORCID – degree, affiliation). Example: 1ORCID: 0000-0002-1825-0097,Postgraduate stuent; 2ORCID: 0000-0002-1825-0023, PhD in Physics and mathematics, associate professorUral State University;

– Title in capital letters (in bold, centered);

– Abstract (description of aims and goals, paractical usage). The length of abstract should not be less than 500 or more than 2500 characters;

– Keywords;

– Article text ;

– References (at leas one source).

5. References style

References should be formatted according Russian GOST 7.1. 2003.



6. Graphic elements

Example of table

Table 1 – Title

24-06-2016 18-16-54

Notes: * – explanation; ** – explanation

  1. All the tables should have title.
  2. Table should be mentioned and addressed in the article text (see. Table 1 etc.).
  3. Tables should be numbered (Table 1, Table 2 etc.).
  4. Table text should be homogeneous (same font and justification).
  5. If a table provided with notes, they should be allocated below the table in italic.
  6. All the measurement units should be clear.

Graphic elements

24-06-2016 18-11-05

Fig. 1 – Title (а) and  title (б):

1 – description; 2 – description

Notes: scale 1:200

    1. Information about graphic elements should be located below the graphic element.
    2. Graphic elements should have number (Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc.).
    3. Graphic elements should be mentioned and addressed in the article text (see. Fig. 1 etc.).
    4. All the graphic elements should be of high quality (300 dpi).
    5. All the graphic elements should be informative.
    6. Graphic elements are considered to be: schemes, diagrams, graphs, pictures etc.
    7. Graphic elements should have title and description.
      1. «FIg.»;
      2. number – «Fig. 1»;
      3. Title;
      4. description and clarifications (if needed).
    8. If a graphic element consists of several parts and has the same title, those parts should be tagged with letter (a, b, c etc.)
    9. Significative elements of the same graphic elements are tagged with numbers (1, 2, 3 etc.).
    10. All the graphic materials are printed in color.

7. Formulas

If there are formulas, they should be prepared in Microsoft Word or MathType. See the instructions.

8. Addressing references in the article text

If you cite a source that is in the reference list, insert its number inside the square brackets. If there is a specific page you want to address in this resource, separate it by coma.

Example: «… on the available cognitive mechanisms [5, P. 206].»


9. Text editing

Before submitting text to the publisher, author accepts the obligations that the text of the article is the final version and contains reliable information concerning the results of the study and does not require modifications.