Research article
Issue: № 4 (35), 2015

Шаповалов В.А. 1, Дмитриенко Н.А.2, Чумаков В.С.3, Чумаков С.С.4

1 Кандидат экономических наук, 2 Кандидат педагогических наук, 3магистрант, 4магистрант, Институт сферы обслуживания и предпринимательства (филиал) Донского государственного технического университета



В статье рассмотрены возможности, и опыт использования инструментов стимулирования сбыта для увеличения уровня продажи товаров, привлечения покупателей, повышения на этой основе эффективности маркетинговой деятельности сетевых торговых организаций

Ключевые слова: стимулирование сбыта, инструменты маркетинга.

Shapovalov V.А. 1, Dmitrienko N.A.2, Chumakov V.S.3, Chumakov S.S.4

1 Candidate of Economic Sciences, 2 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Master student, 4 Master student, Institute of service and business (brunch), Don state technical University



The article considers the possibility and experience of using sales promotion tools to increase the sale of goods, attracting and retaining customers, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing activities of network trade organizations.

Keywords: sales promotion, marketing tools.

Realizing production, a trade enterprise needs to establish cooperation with its target market, provide effective information and stimulating communication with consumers. Great opportunity of a marketing tool has "sales promotion". A set of various measures intended to increasing current sales volume is called sales promotion. Any marketing tools may have peculiar features:

  • they attract the customers attention’ and provide them with the information about the product to be purchased;
  • they allow the customer to save being an additional value [1]. The manipulation is the basis of these measures. First of all, it is using target incentives determining the reaction of consumers to them beforehand, thus encouraging the consumers to perform desired activities [2].

The main object of marketing promotion is the consumer, so a promotion process appeals to mass consumers and the main purpose of it is to ensure and stimulate selling process of different goods at the retail places, to create customers’ flow to the locations of selling goods and to attract customers to definite sellers’ products [3]. Let us consider the basic tools of sales promotion and the opportunities of trade enterprises network.

Price promotion

It is a temporary price reduction on the product but it is not a pricing policy, as an element of competitive strategy. Some companies, both producers and sales intermediaries, often use this kind of stimulation; as to their opinion, it is much economically profitable to meet consumers’ needs than to satisfy new customers’ demands in quality and product diversity.

The advantage of this tool is that it allows you to estimate accurately the operation costs, and quickly organize it, minimize terms of its implementation in accordance with the objectives. This kind of sales promotion is very effective marketing tool for retail network and it can be used in cases when immediate respond to competitors’ actions or adjustments to pricing policy of this commercial enterprise are required. Price reduction action can be applied if it is necessary to increase sales volumes or attract new customers by the owner of the goods or the dealer who wants to sell the goods remains, to increase turnover of trading stocks.

The disadvantage of this stimulating instrument is that it does provide a range of regular perspective customers, thus making the buyer purchase different brands in accordance to a random proposed price reduction.

Sale at discount prices is particularly effective in cases where price plays a decisive role in the selection of a product (for example, of such commodities as sugar, oil). In this case the consumer is addressed in the relevant advertising and informational messages to encourage him to buy in a particular retail outlet. The size of reduction of price should be quite noticeable, to them it was possible to build advertising about reduced; stimulating enough demand to compensate for the drop of price drop in profits; and attractive enough to put to come the consumer. All kinds of sales promotion, focused on the selling price of the goods, can be divided into three major groups: direct reduction of prices, distribution of coupons, entitling them to purchase at a discount and lower prices with a delay.

«Trade in» is the offset of a used item when buying a new. In foundations-nom used in the sale of expensive equipment and equipment that has high turnover. Very attractive for the consumer, as it gets rid of the old product gets a discount plus.

Non-price sales promotion tools

Bonus is free additional amount of product. The psychological impact is much greater when additional product bonus is offered free of charge in compare to 20 percent discount, though the second proposal is more profitable.

The premium item is usually given to the buyer at the time of purchase. If the product price is not large enough but it is suitable to a bonus, it plays into the hands of its image, and then the retail outlet can be attracted to the action: as additional measure to purchasing process as incentive object.

Sample is a free distribution of goods without any commercial value of the product and it is done if it is necessary for testing and evaluating a product.

Effective promotion is all kinds of incentives requiring active and selective consumers’ participation. There are three generic operations to stimulate the consumer, based on this principle: a contest, a lottery, a game in which you can participate without making a purchase, and which are wholly or partially based on the game. The playful nature of the event is a powerful tool of influencing each man, and the opportunity of receiving a free prize is a powerful incentive for participation.

Progressive discounts.

Progressive discounts are provided customers with the account of the total purchasing price made for several times. Such discounts encourage buyers to make purchases at the same seller.

Business enterprises use the tools of sales promotion to invoke a strong response. The impact of stimulating means is usually short; they are combined with advertising and realization. They cannot be used to form a stable preference of goods. To carry out these activities successfully, manufacturers should carefully plan a campaign stimulating sales promotion and to offer target consumers real value and prices. Only in this case the reputation of the brand and the sales level will be high, and the consumers will prefer it.


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