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Использование аутентичных видеоматериалов в процессе обучения английскому языку

Таблица 1 - Match the word with its definition

 1. Bail

 a) feel sad

 2. Feeling blue, have the blues

 b) leaving abruptly

 3. Buck

 c) fall asleep abruptly

 4. By the skin of teeth

 d) lazy person

 5. Creep

 e) dollar

 6. Stalker

 f) It hurts, but not so much

 7. Couch potato

 g) honestly

 8. Crash

 h) creepy, weird, unpleasant person

 9. Down to earth

 i) to ignore somebody on purpose

 10. For real

 j) to decline to give self-incriminating information

 11. Give a cold shoulder

 k) somebody who follows you

 12. Plead the fifth

 l) very simple, ordinary person

 13. Screw up

 m) do something together; do nothing special at home

 14. Sweet

 n) car

 15. Tight

 o) nice

 16. To trash

 p) attractive woman

 17. Wrap up

 q) make a mistake

 18. Hang out

 r) be caught

 19. Wheels

 s) really intense

 20. Babe

 t) to destroy something

 21. Get busted

 u) to finish something

 22. Have a blast

 v) complete disaster

 23. Epic fail

 w) to be really entertained