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"ACTIVITY OF FOREIGN CHARITY FOUNDATIONS IN RUSSIA". Meždunarodnyj naučno-issledovatel’skij žurnal (International Research Journal) № 05(5) Part 2, (2012): 7. Sun. 14. Oct. 2012.




Research Article

Gurenko A.B.

 Article is prepared within research of a problem of activity of foreign charity foundations inRussiaand represents considerable theoretical and practical interest.

The main directions of charity of foreign funds as intermediaries are considered at assistance to needing groups of the population. In the conclusion the conclusion about need of the state support of implementation of charity is drawn.


Key words: charity; work principles; funds; Russia.


Research of a problem of activity of foreign charity foundations ofRussiarepresents considerable theoretical and practical interest. This interest is connected with that for many years of work inRussiawas made by these funds much.

The urgency of a subject of research, problem of formation and functioning of structures of civil society draws in recent years attention of domestic researchers more and more. This many-sided problem can be investigated through a prism of concrete institutional forms. Such approach is the first stage in knowledge of the new public phenomenon ofRussiawhich arose at the end of the XX century.

The fund Makarturov was based in 1978. The international representations inIndia,Mexico,Nigeria,Russia. Fund Makarturov — the private independent charitable organization with headquarters inChicago(USA) and branches in four countries of the world. InRussiathe Fund keeps development of effective mechanisms of protection of human rights and participation ofRussiain multilateral efforts on the solution of global problems. The purpose Fund sees support of creative persons and effective groups of the people promoting creation of more fair, non-polluting and safe world. Besides the program of honourable scholars of the Fund, realized to theUSA, Fund supports projects in the sphere of protection of human rights, global safety and environmental protection. The fund also helps to improve the vital circle of people in the conditions of the large cities and promotes studying of social consequences of technological innovations.

The fund Makarturov is one of the largest independent charitable establishments of theUSA. The fund aspires to help deepening of scientific knowledge and development of creative potential of the person, to strengthen social institutes and to promote educational activity.

The fund began for the first time carrying out the special grantovy program forRussiain 1991, and in 1992 opened inMoscowpermanent mission (since 2008 — corporation Branch «John D. and Catharine T.Makarturov’s (USA) Fund» in theRussian Federation). Grantovy activity of Fund in Russia till the last time was directed on support of universities and other establishments which are engaged in research and study, on professional development and possibilities of experts scientists, development of their communications with the Russian and foreign colleagues, and also on support of effective mechanisms of protection of human rights. Now the Fund provides grants of two types in theRussian Federation: for support of universities and scientific infrastructure and grants in the field of human rights.

In 2011 Fund Makarturov carries out the complex analysis of results of the activity inRussiain all directions in nearly two decades of the work to theRussian Federation. By results of this research by Board of directors, the president and other officials of Fund priorities of further activity Fonda Makarturov inRussiawill be formulated. These priorities will correspond to changed needs of potential grantees of Fund forRussiaand can differ from the former directions of work of Fund. At the same time, the Fund Makarturov remains is attached to support of creative persons and collectives, and also assistance in the solution of important social and economic problems of the states in which the Fund carries out charity.

The board of directors made the decision on Fund further work inRussia. On September 13-14,2011 inChicagomeeting of Board of directors Fonda Makarturov took place. The board of directors made the decision to continue Fund work inRussia, being guided by global priorities of its International program.

As a result of the done work it is possible to tell that the purpose to learn about activity of foreign charity foundations ofRussiawas reached. It is possible to tell that all of them had and have pluses and minuses.

But the most important that, as today charity of these funds bears fruit. Many funds helped poor and needing, universities let out not one generation of high quality experts, and libraries promoted self-education and education.


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