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ISSN 2227-6017 (ONLINE), ISSN 2303-9868 (PRINT), DOI: 10.18454/IRJ.2227-6017
ЭЛ № ФС 77 - 80772, 16+

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Куанышева Г. С. МЕХАНОХИМИЧЕСКАЯ АКТИВАЦИЯ ФОСФОРИТОВ ЧИЛИСАЯ И КАРАТАУ (КАЗАХСТАН) / Г. С. Куанышева, Н. С. Далабаева // Международный научно-исследовательский журнал. — 2021. — №10 (17) Часть 1. — С. 38—39. — URL: (дата обращения: 24.10.2021. ).
Куанышева Г. С. МЕХАНОХИМИЧЕСКАЯ АКТИВАЦИЯ ФОСФОРИТОВ ЧИЛИСАЯ И КАРАТАУ (КАЗАХСТАН) / Г. С. Куанышева, Н. С. Далабаева // Международный научно-исследовательский журнал. — 2021. — №10 (17) Часть 1. — С. 38—39.



Куанышева Г.С.1, Далабаева Н.С.2

1Доктор химических наук, профессор; 2кандидат химических наук, доцент, Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби



Данное исследование представляет результаты в отношении изменения природных фосфатов Каратау и Chilisay (Казахстан) с неорганическими солями, такими как NaHSO4 и NaH2PO4.

Ключевые слова: удобрения, сложные соединения, механохимическая активация, фосфатные минералы.

Kuanysheva G.S.1, Dalabayeva N.S.2

Doctor chemical sciences, Professor1, Candidate chemical sciences, Associate Professor2, Kazakh national university named al-farabi



This research provides results regarding the modification of the natural phosphates of Karatau and Chilisay (Kazakhstan) with inorganic salts, such as NaHSO4 and NaH2PO4. The modification of these phosphates takes place in a planetary mill, which produces the necessary fertilizer and inorganic materials. The content of P2O5 in fertilizer has been increased after mechanochemical activation.

Keywords: fertilization, complex compounds, mechanochemical activation, phosphate minerals.

In this day, the production of complex compounds of phosphate fertilizers consider to be the paramount task of foreign and natural investors, due to the great demand for complex mineral fertilizers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Deterioration quality of natural phosphate ores requires untraditional approach in order to find an alternative method of processing fertilizers and inorganic fertilizer materials with useful properties. To solve this problem, particular attention might paid to mechanically stimulate reactions in the presence of various additives, the implementation of which is environmentally and economically more feasible.

Nowadays, if using the methods of mechanochemical activation that to receive the quantity natural phosphorus materials, it might be very important achieve in phosphorus chemistry. If the deformation of crystal grills of the natural phosphorus in the planetary mill, it will be the amortization of structure of phosphorus. In that case, activity of phosphorus materials and solubility of natural phosphates might increase.

Increasing the activity could have been considered as one of the way of obtaining solids in a constant, active form. Chemical reactions are involved solids depending on the characteristics of their mechanism are differently sensitive to various defects, which are contained in the crystal. The problem of mechanical activation is not only to make the accumulation of defects at all so kind of the defect which necessary for the reaction. This objective can be achieved as the selection conditions of mechanical impact on the crystal (impact energy, duration, relationship between the pressure and shear treatment temperature, the composition of the surrounding atmosphere).

The natural phosphorus of Karatau and Chilisay (Kazakhstan) characterize features of mineral and chemical. The chemical structure of non activation and activation phosphate mineral have been researched and constructed by chemical and physical-chemical methods.

Untreated samples of phosphate are very low concentration of digestible forms of P2O5 of Karatau 15.6 per cent relative, of P2O5 of Chilisay 45.8 per cent. The digestibility of phosphorus increased after mechanochemical activation by 2-3 times (Table 1). A centrifugal planetary mill used as the activator.

Тable 1 – Compound of power digestibility phosphorus Р2О(rel.%)

Chilisay Кaratau
In the ammonium citrate In the 2% of lemon acid In the ammonium citrate In the 2% of lemon acid
Inactive phosphorus
45,8 40,2 15,5 47,5
Active with NaHSO4
65,4 – 85 53,4- 61,2 48,6- 65,4 60,3- 68,6
Active with NaH2PO4
75,8- 80 61,6- 76,5 53,8- 62,0 70,5- 73,2


Dispersed samples of phosphate have been determined by two methods. The difference between the electron microscopy and sedimentation analysis techniques was 2-3 per cent. We found that increasing the time decreases poly disperse and particle of the size (Figure 1).


10-08-2021 15-03-05

minute: 1- 5; 2- 15; 3 – 30; 4 – 45

Fig. 1 – Integral (1) and differential distribution (2) of curve on mechanochemical activation of Chilisays phosphorus with acid salts

The formal kinetics of model has been developed according equation by Russian scientist Avakumov[1,2].

The measure of amorphisation and crystal of mineral have been defined. The phase change, that during the mechanochemical activation have been characterized with measure of amorphisation(Аm). T.S. Uysupov was offered the measure of amorphisation of solid materials.

Аm= 100-K; K = 10-08-2021 15-04-19 × 100

K – Cristalinity of example; IMA– intensity of mechanochemical activation of example; INA – intensity of non activation example [1].

The UR- spectroscopy has been showed modification of characteristics of devourment phosphate minerals.

The method of electron-spectroscopy has been showed isomorphic substitute of chemical elements in phosphorus.

The granulometrical composition of phosphorus has been defined with standard that special for phosphorus minerals.

As you know, the bond of phosphorus with oxygen atoms surrounds the six fold axis form an equilateral triangle. As a result of mechanochemical activation processing and distortion of the crystal, the symmetry of the triangle might break. The ionic bond might increase between calcium and phosphate ions, as well as conditions of migration of ions change along the six-fold axis in the structure of phosphorus. To conclude, if the solubility increases of the natural phosphorus, it might increase the content of P2O5 after mechanochemical activation.


  1. Чайкина М.В. Механохимия природных и синтетических апатитов. – Новосибирск, 2002. – С. 218
  2. Аввакумов Е.Г. Механохимические методы активации химических процессов. – Новосибирск, 1986. – С. 305

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